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There are many ways to size a leather belt , the  easiest way , if you have a belt the person wears and the belt has a heel bar or pin buckle like the one below , measure from the point the pin touches the buckle at the far end ( the left on the illustration below ) to the most used hole in the belt ( usually pretty obvious ). If the belt has a trophy buckle ( big buckle with a small hook on the back that engauges the hole ) measure from that hook to the most used hole.

What it really comes down to is the effective length of a belt is the distance from the point on  the buckle tang  where it goes through the hole in the   belt to the most used hole.
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If you have trouble measuring for the belt or unsure of your measurement email us for help please tag email how to size a belt or just call (between 8 AM and 8 PM USA EST.) 231 468 9119 . thanks,
1 Note: we size belts 49 inch and below like most makers, to the center of 5 holes, from 50 to 59 inch we add a 6th hole and make the measurement to the fourth hole back from the belt tip , and from 60 to 69 inch we add a seventh hole in effect making the measurement to the center of seven holes. above that we usually contact the purchaser to determine what they would like . We have put up to 10 holes in some of the 80 to 90 inch belts we have made.
If you wish to order from a country that does not use inches and feet to measure just order any length and contact me to make certain we are on the same page as far as size .
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These are the methods recommended by belt makers for years (however) there's always a however isn't there,some makers do not include the buckle in the measurement, we do, and most makers do.
Most of the time, if the belt maker includes the buckle in the belt size , a belt 2 inches larger than the pants waist size will fit OK .
Please make sure you order the correct size, there are no exchanges for belts ordered the wrong size
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