Thanks Mike,
Old Fat Guy belts are the best. I have never had a belt I could say I was happy with. I always ended up with some cheap, pressed leather THING. These are quality, heavy leather that is made to take a lifetime of abuse with a little care. The whole thing, from the piece it self to customer service (READ: care) is top notch. Old Fat Guy may not be a huge name, but the belts cannot be beat. Do yourself a favor and get one. You won`t be sorry. And I`ll tell you Mike that I mean every word if that. You made my flinty tattoo artist heart warm with this. That is saying something.
All the best to you and I`ll order a dress up belt when I can.
Thank you, and warmest regards,
Merritt Island, FL

Hey Michael,
Sorry it has taken me so long but I wanted to take a moment to let you know how the belt is. This is by far the best belt I have ever had, and the more I wear it the better it gets. I am so used to going through belts quicker than a kid goes through his Halloween candy. I have made this my daily belt and I plan to get another one or two soon. Thank you again for all you did to get this to me in time for my trip.

Mr. Whalen,
I received my double leather belt Saturday. It is unbelievable. Never thought a belt could be so beautiful. I know I will get many years of use from it. I will be ordering another belt soon. Thank you again for your top quality belt. One very happy customer, Adam

Hi Michael,
I received the belts and am so pleased! Thank you so much! I know I will be ordering more belts in the near future! Thanks Amanda!

I received my wonderful belts a few days ago. Very artistic, quality work!!! I have never been more proud to show off my midsection.
Thanks again, I'll pass along your site.

The belts you made for me are wonderful. I am very pleased with the support they provide for concealed carry. I expect you will be hearing from a bunch of guys from down south as I am showing them to everyone.
From now on you are my “belt guy”.

Hey Mike,
You sure do nice work. I'm extremely pleased with the acorn belt. Thanks for the good job. The plain black belt is nice, too. I've just ordered a 40" plain black belt. Can I get it with the same square nickel plated buckle I got on my last order? This is not a life-or-death thing, I just liked the look. Thanks again.
Best regards,

I received the belt yesterday evening...very nice!!!
Thank you,

Sir Michael,
I received my belt yesterday. It is great just what I ordered, and I am thrilled by the craftsmanship of the belt. It is well put together,
and I look forward to getting years of service from this item. Thanks again. Thanks from a well satisfied customer.

Mr Mike,
Great belts and I’m very pleased with my purchase... good doing business with you.

Hello again,
I have received my order and the belt is awesome. I liked it so much I just ordered another belt form you. The order has a size 38 and on the first belt it’s okay but it could be a bit longer so please make this belt a 39.
Thank you,

Hi again Mike!
I got my belt the other day and it was even nicer than expected! Thanks again – and have a fine weekend!

Dear Mike,
I received the belt today. It is beautiful, and the finish is perfect. I could not be happier! The carvings and the design just couldn't be more well done - so defined and crisp. I very much like the contrast between the surfaces of the carvings and the distressed areas. It gives the design some punch which might be otherwise diminished. I know it will age beautifully!

Hi Michael,
Well that was amazing. I kept fingers crossed after receiving your email and it arrived this morning, just in time! I'm really pleased with it. Thank you so much. I do hope the snow is letting up for you.
With many thanks. It was worth the wait.
Best wishes,

should have sent this yesterday but got tied up with other things. I received the gun belt the day before yesterday and I think it's going to work out just fine. It's very well constructed. The second keeper works well and the stiffener is really not visible. Thank you.

Hi Michael,
I just wanted to let you know I received the belt I ordered this past Monday. It is beautiful and exactly what my husband wanted. Thank you for the business cards and will be glad to recommend you to anyone I know looking for a new belt. You do great work! Thanks again.

The belt is outstanding better than picture. Fast turn around
Thank you